Re-Imaging 2019 & Beyond

12/15/2018 Saturday 8:30 AM     Being sick with a head cold has its creative merits. My thoughts feel lucid and every motion has a pinch of existential allure. In fact, this whole year has been one giant conundrum of bullshit and rife with existential questions on the state of my being as I rapidly … Continue reading Re-Imaging 2019 & Beyond


Modern Times (The City)

11/10/18 Saturday 11:30 AM     Took a Vyvanse yesterday, a class of amphetamine similar to Adderall but better, around the middle of the day and felt like I was rolling balls all the way past midnight. I drove around banging house music before deciding I would once again try out my singing voice, which … Continue reading Modern Times (The City)

Go Fix It

4/15/18 10:55 PM Sunday     Second night in a row I've gotten home from work with a bag of Whataburger. Today was a beautiful day, even though I had a persistent & dull headache from drowning myself in four or five glasses of whiskey the night before and staying up late watching an incredible … Continue reading Go Fix It